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A joyously cathartic and deeply spiritual road trip for readers of Anne Lamott, Elizabeth Gilbert, Pema Chodron, and Brené Brown.

Feeling Stuck? You’re not alone. In or out of a relationship, job hunting or retiring, in a life transition, or wrestling with Big Questions, a joyful life can feel elusive. After two decades of offering motivation, inspiration, support, and problem-solving as a life coach and in her Ask Your Jewish Fairy Godmother column, Helen Rosenau embraces the deeper, more complex struggles of fellow messy humans.

This book will help you find joy in the journey of change.  Through stories from her life and advice columns, plus insights, writing prompts, coaching, and cheerleading, Rosenau walks the walk towards self-knowing with you. She’ll help you get brave enough to risk change, toss old crap that keeps you from making progress, and create more happiness in your life.

You deserve more joy. The Messy Joys of Being Human offers you tools to create it–Because life will always be a glorious mess and you will always be beautifully human. Are you ready?


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Reader Comments

This book reads like a conversation with a good friend. The writing prompts are evocative and meaningful; a reader could come back again and again as life evolves. The author’s experiences ring true, and the Jewish and metaphysical metaphors make the messaging come alive for me and taught me useful new ways of seeing.
– Myrna Hant, Ph.D., Research Scholar , UCLA Center for the Study of Women

This is a fabulous read! Helen is wise, insightful, funny, and smart. She has a way with words that grabs you and makes you feel safe tackling the tough issues that true healing requires. If you do the exercises in this book, or even just read it, you will be touched and changed. I recommend it highly to anyone who’s ready to change, or wants to be.
Luke Adler, Author of Born to Heal

It is with great exuberance that I recommend The Messy Joys. If you need to be inspired, read this book! If you need help getting back on track spiritually, look no further. I have enjoyed every page, every sentence. Take your time, go slowly, and let the wisdom do its work.
Sydney Ashland, Medical Intuitive and Integration Consultant

This book is a great guide to living in the now, once you clean out your old emotional baggage, which The Messy Joys exercises will help you do. Helen interprets teachings from authors like Brene Brown and Anne Lamott in a deeply spiritual way. She grounds herself and readers in Jewish mysticism and a Zen consciousness that offers a deeply satisfying and peaceful perspective for a happier life.
– Flaxen Conway, Professor, School of Public Policy, Oregon State University

Exquisitely crafted guidance. Every sentence brings insight and wisdom with humor and compassion. As a teacher and healer I admire its honesty and truth.
Bette Phelan, Musician, Acoustic Ocean Music

I’ve helped many people understand how they may be stuck in old stories and patterns. The Messy Joys offers many ways to achieve change. It is refreshing to see these tools to help people clean out their wounds. It gives clear examples and directions to a path of progress that may have been previously unknown to readers. Hooray! Helen is a trustworthy, articulate, caring guide. She balances deep spirituality with practical manifestation and offers it in an accessible, smart, engaging book that both young and old can learn from. The Messy Joys of Being Human is a healing blessing.
– Johanna Mitchell, Astrologer

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