General Comments about The Messy Joys of Being Human

Please tell me with whom you’ll talk about and share this book.

7 thoughts on “General Comments about The Messy Joys of Being Human

  1. What a wonderful book!. It is filled with wisdom and humor. Helen has a really good understanding of what makes people tick, and how hard they have to work to become the people they want to become. I plan to gift this to my daughter and friends.


  2. A wonderful how-to-find if not enlightenment, some peace within and without. I will send it to a couple of floundering friends, and I know they’ll thank me!


  3. I like this book very much. It made sense and had lots of new takes on old tropes. People who are seeking a self-help book should find it interesting, engaging, and useful.


  4. This book made me think and made me laugh. I marked so many pages to go back
    to and reread. I’m planning to give it as a holiday gift to all the guys in my men’s group.


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