Section 1 – Getting to Know Us

These threads are about how we identify ourselves, our beliefs, and our stories.

3 thoughts on “Section 1 – Getting to Know Us

  1. Thank you for writing this book. It is challenging material. That makes me know how important it is that I continue. I do find myself thinking, “So-and-so should read this!” in both loving and vengeful ways. I imagine I will give it to many people as a gift.


  2. I’ve read Ask Your Jewish Fairy Godmother since 2002. But this is the deeper, wiser Helen. I’m glad for a peek behind the curtain.


  3. I just started but I can tell this is the perfect next read for my book club. We look for non-fiction that will stimulate discussion and help us get to know one another better. I know it will make people think and talk. We plan to contact you for a video session. You haven’t met us yet, but belt yourself in, LOL.


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