Section 1 – Getting to Know Us

These threads are about how we identify ourselves, our beliefs, and our stories.

5 thoughts on “Section 1 – Getting to Know Us

  1. Thank you for writing this book. It is challenging material. That makes me know how important it is that I continue. I do find myself thinking, “So-and-so should read this!” in both loving and vengeful ways. I imagine I will give it to many people as a gift.


  2. I’ve read Ask Your Jewish Fairy Godmother since 2002. But this is the deeper, wiser Helen. I’m glad for a peek behind the curtain.


  3. I just started but I can tell this is the perfect next read for my book club. We look for non-fiction that will stimulate discussion and help us get to know one another better. I know it will make people think and talk. We plan to contact you for a video session. You haven’t met us yet, but belt yourself in, LOL.


    1. Adding this blog means that “we” the readers can do a group. That’s is much healthier than FB! thank you Helen.


    2. Paola – Thank you. That is exactly the intent. It is not necessarily as fast read, if you do the questions as they come. Some folks do it in two passes, thinking they will do the questions later (alone or with a buddy). Others open to random chapters, but there is a narrative arc that I think matters. With a little planning I can skype. I can handle quite a lot LOL 🙂 Feel free to email and set up the timing – Helen


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